It will soon be that time again: the day of love is just around the corner - Valentine's Day is on February 14. The perfect opportunity to give your loved one a little gift. The hearts of online retailers also beat a little faster at this time of year - orders pile up, sales increase ... but the returns of unwanted expressions of love don't stop there. To help you make the most of this festive season for your store, we have put together a few tips for you.



Table of contents


  1. Valentine's Day facts
  2. (Love) tips: Get the most out of the holiday
  3. Conclusion


Valentine's Day facts


    • Roses and chocolates are among the most common gifts, around 170 truckloads pass over the store counter on Valentine's Day. Online stores are not excluded from this either, with providers such as Blume2000, Fleurop or Euroflorist offering to send bouquets with an optional vase, greetings card or even box of chocolates and experiencing a real rush during the festival of love.
    • But it's not just flowers that are ordered online - in February, people clicked on a perfume every 8 seconds, on necklaces every 1.5 minutes and on champagne, sparkling wine or Prosecco every 4 minutes.


    (Love) tips: Get the most out of the holiday

      The right marketing strategy


      You've Got Mail

      Give Cupid a helping hand and send a little reminder to your customers a few weeks before February 14. Present creative gift ideas, send a Valentine's Day guide or skillfully showcase your bestsellers to create irresistible incentives to buy.


      Social Media x Shopping

      Did you know that 90% of all online shoppers use social media? Use this impressive statistic to your advantage: Social commerce generates more than 30 billion dollars annually. Join this success - create an inspiring Pinterest board with Valentine's Day gifts for him and her, promote your products through live shopping events or run targeted ads on Instagram. Help your customers discover the perfect gift and be part of the social commerce boom.


      Mastering fulfillment in the peak season


      The right choice

      On the day of love, timing is everything. The roses should arrive fresh and on time, the chocolates complete and the necklace intact - everything for the perfect moment. But shortly before the big day, the increased order requests and nervous customers eagerly awaiting their gifts can quickly cause chaos.


      An experienced fulfillment provider can help here. The logistics experts are prepared to handle the challenges of the peak season and can process incoming orders promptly and efficiently. This ensures that your customers' day of love is as smooth and unforgettable as planned.



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      Trust is good, transparency is better

      Your customers can easily view and track the status of their deliveries via a customer portal. This not only creates transparency, but also reduces inquiries so that you can concentrate on essential tasks. Meanwhile, your customers can sit back and relax.


      Returns can also be processed easily in this way. If a gift does not meet expectations, the return can be completed in no time at all. Thanks to the customer portal, your customers can initiate the return themselves using a QR code. They will be notified of the return and can prepare accordingly.


      The Warehousing1 customer portal provides you with these and other functions. These include personalizing the app with your own choice of colors and your logo. See for yourself!





      The day of love offers significant sales increases for online retailers, but should not be underestimated. With the right marketing strategy and the right fulfillment provider at your side, you can get the most out of it.


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