The long-awaited jeans are too tight, the lamp has a loose connection or something has even broken. The item needs to be returned - and the whole process should be as quick and easy as possible, preferably online, without much effort.


A complicated returns process can very quickly end in frustration and drive your customers away.


But how can you meet your customers' expectations and create a suitable returns process? One of the most popular return options is mobile returns, i.e. returns processing via an app. They offer a variety of benefits for customers and retailers. Find out why this returns option is so popular and what advantages it brings in this blog article.

Returns in numbers


Before we look at the benefits of a returns app, let's take a look at the facts:


The figures speak for themselves. There are plenty of returns and customer expectations are high. So a sophisticated returns process is needed, and now let's take a look at why a returns app is so suitable.

5 advantages of a returns app

1. Cost and time savings


By using a returns app, both retailers and shoppers can save not only costs but also valuable time. True to the motto: "Then do it yourself!", the app allows your customers to take the wheel themselves hand and easily initiate the return process online without time-consuming email communication.


It also saves time during use! Via the Warehousing1 end customer portal your customers can easily log in with their order number and zip code. This way, they can easily start the return process on their own.



Login Screen - Manage your order

2. Transparency and control


You and your customers can use the app to view and track the status of the return at any time. This function not only ensures transparency on both sides, but also promotes early communication between you and your logistics provider. In this way, you can proactively plan how you want to handle incoming returns and contact your customers at an early stage if necessary.


The Warehousing1 end customer portal offers you and your customers not only the opportunity to call up the status of your returns, but also to check the order status when the goods are on their way to you. This way, they are actively involved in the order process from start to finish.

3. Customer loyalty


Returns apps not only streamline the returns process, but also make a significant contribution to customer loyalty. According to industry findings, retaining existing customers is more economically viable than acquiring new customers. The transparency and fast refunds made possible by returns apps create positive customer experiences, strengthen brand loyalty and increase conversion rates.


Our Warehousing1 end customer portal also allows you to personalize your overview. Adjust the color of the buttons, present your logo and your product images. This way, your customers will also recognize your brand image in the returns portal.



Endkundenportal mit Branding

4. Sustainability


At a time when environmentally conscious action is more important than ever, returns apps, especially those with QR codes, offer a sustainable alternative to printed return labels. Mobile return labels do not require a printer, paper or ink and therefore help to protect the environment.


With the Warehousing1 end customer portal, your customers can easily generate a QR code without any paperwork.

5. Data evaluation


By using a returns app, you can not only record and document the reasons why products were returned, but also make targeted adjustments to your own inventory. This analysis provides you with valuable insights: Which products are very popular and which are less popular? Where is there room for improvement? In this way, you can make effective use of your customers' feedback and optimize your range in the long term.


The Warehousing1 end customer portal gives your customers the option to choose from a selection of return reasons. This gives you and your logistics provider the information you need to process the return as effectively as possible.



return reason and type



Returns apps not only simplify the returns process, they also enable you to strengthen your customer loyalty, optimize your offering and act more sustainably. Not convinced yet? Try it out for yourself and make an appointment for a demo of our end customer portal.