Warehousing1 has recently achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification - another significant milestone in our commitment to excellent quality and sustainability within the company.

Quality management at Warehousing1 for our customers

Quality management at Warehousing1 for the customer The certification according to ISO 9001 is of high importance for Warehousing1. Following the guidelines, a consistent standard can be offered for the following seven categories for both customers and employees: Customer orientation, leadership, human resources, process orientation, continuous improvement, fact-based decision-making and relationship management. In addition, Warehousing1 is a member of the Digitalverbund Deutschland and the the German Logistics Association (BVL)in order to maintain a constant exchange with other companies and industry experts on digitization and logistics and always have an eye on best practices, new trends and developments.


For Warehousing1 one group in particular is in a special focus: Our customers. We have adapted all communication processes in such a way that the specific needs and goals of our customers can be optimally addressed from the very beginning. Our partner network of more than 500 warehousing locations enables us to respond fully to customer wishes and to meet the demand flexibly. We attach great importance to customer contact:

  • Security: All processes from the determination of requirements, preparation of offers, commissioning, implementation and continuous improvement are documented on the process side, stored securely in accordance with data protection regulations and treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Neutrality: The contact person at Warehousing1 offers consulting and information opportunities - at no time are sales of storage space or certain exclusivities with individual partners offered. We guarantee neutral advice and selection - also for our partners.
  • Reliability: For Warehousing1 it is essential to work exclusively with reliable partners. Our Quality Score helps to ensure this reliability and quality so that a trustful cooperation can be increased.
  • Support of medium-sized businesses: The customer focus and high uniform quality standards additionally help to strengthen medium-sized businesses. Our partners - many medium-sized companies - can benefit from this, as they are increased in the awareness of our customers.

A special feature of Warehousing1 is the Quality Score. This was created according to the ISO template and enables an internal evaluation of the partners, so that a reliable and serious cooperation can be guaranteed for our customers as well as for ourselves. For the Quality Score 76 individual data points are analysed, among others:

  • Certification of the company and press evaluations
  • Company and credit information
  • Corporate key figures
  • IT-capacities
  • Experience, reputation, reference customers and customer ratings
  • Communication
  • Scalability

This analysis results in a standardized quality score (QKZ), which is used to categorize the partners. If customers ask for starters, we forward them to partners in the "very good" or "good" category - for very complex requests we only use "very good" rated partners. This score enables us to ensure professional cooperation for all parties. The Quality Score also proves to be useful for our operational staff, as it helps in the assessment of partners and the employees know which service can be expected from which partner.

Quality management at Warehousing1 for employees

Satisfied and motivated employees are the basis for a successful company - because without them, even the best business idea cannot bear fruit.

That is why quality management at Warehousing1 is not only oriented towards the customers, but also brings additional added value for the employees. Since Warehousing1 is a young, fast growing company and is continuously increasing in size, the onboarding processes are especially important. For this purpose, we have developed documented processes that accompany the growth safely and quickly and encourage the efficient induction of new employees. A well thought-out onboarding process is a decisive success factor in order to introduce the employee to the company without making him/her feel under- or overchallenged and can at the same time promote employee loyalty to the company.

We also achieve this commitment by constantly improving our corporate culture. We pay special attention to Warehousing1:

  • Appreciation: No matter whether intern, newcomer or manager: the work of our employees is equally appreciated by all. Small and large successes are shared and celebrated transparently within the team - in addition to appreciation, the motivation of our employees is also regularly increased.
  • Development potential: Monthly feedback meetings show employees their development potential. In this way, strengths can be individually promoted and possible weaknesses identified. Weaknesses are addressed neutrally and are intended to show an opportunity to take on new challenges and develop personally.
  • Further training opportunities: Training and coaching within the team gives the opportunity to share existing knowledge on a topic with the others. Very successfully at Warehousing1, #knowledgethursday has established itself on a wide range of topics - from introductions in Google Ads to sweet recipe ideas.

Sustainability at Warehousing1

As a member of Bundesvereinigung Nachhaltigkeit Warehousing1 represents the common idealistic interest in implementing and promoting sustainability in companies. Our digital platform and intelligent network solutions enable us to achieve a significant reduction of transport routes for our customers - thus directly and indirectly promoting a more sustainable use of storage and transport facilities and at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. There are now various measures for logistics companies to act more sustainably. Warehousing1 has compiled important aspects that can be read here on our blog.

We have also implemented additional internal processes that represent a more environmentally friendly option. These include almost complete digitalisation in the office, which reduces paper consumption to a minimum. Air travel is generally avoided (keyword: green footprint). Should it ever be necessary to travel by plane, CO2 compensation is always increased. The environmental management of Warehousing1 is certified according to ISO 14001.

The rethinking for more sustainability should not only be given top-bottom - it is important to pick up and educate the employees. Training on environmental protection can help to sensitize our employees to sustainable issues.

The ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications confirm that Warehousing1 places a particularly high value on quality and sustainability in the company. Quality that we want to pass on to our customers and partners in the form of professionalism and good work performance. This enables us to draw on a decentralised network of over 500 reputable logistics partners, which enables better utilisation of unused warehouse space and at the same time protects the environment by reducing transport distances. In parallel, we rely on digital tools and AI-based software to make processes more efficient and faster. Please arrange an initial meeting today to discuss your options.