In the world of e-commerce, "the customer is king", and customer service is one of the most crucial factors in the success or failure of your online store. However, as you probably know, good customer service can be very time-consuming and costly. In this article, we have therefore put together two effective strategies to reduce customer service costs and perhaps even increase your customer satisfaction.

Process inquiries more efficiently thanks to AI


Can I pay with Paypal? How much does shipping cost? Is it also available in blue? If there are a lot of repeated inquiries, processing them takes a lot of time and nerves. If the customer has to wait too long for an answer, they may already be on another page. A chatbot can provide a remedy. It's very simple: once the chatbot has been created, customers can ask a question in the chat. Depending on whether you use a rule-based or intelligent chatbot, your customers will receive a pre-saved or AI-generated answer.


If a question is too complex for the chatbot, it can simply provide the customer with contact details or forward the request to you. The best part? The chatbot is available around the clock! This allows simple questions to be answered more quickly and leaves more time for processing complex inquiries - the result: you save costs and optimize your service quality at the same time.


You can test how much time and money you really save on the calculator.

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Reduce inquiries through
transparent shipping


As the saying goes: trust is good, control is better. When it comes to shipping parcels, your customers always want to know exactly where their shipment is at any given time. Especially when shipping is time-critical at seasonal peaks such as Christmas or Mother's Day, this can quickly lead to many inquiries. So how can you reduce inquiries?


A customer portal is the solution. It not only provides your customers with the information they need, it also enables them to take action themselves. With the customer portal, your customers can track orders thanks to real-time tracking, initiate returns independently and send them via QR code. This allows you to reduce inquiries, increase customer satisfaction and save time at the same time.




To save costs in customer service in the long term, it is worth investing in tools such as the chatbot or the customer portal. They can optimize your customer service, save time and therefore costs, and leave more room for complex queries that require your attention. By empowering your customers to help themselves, you also offer more transparency and strengthen trust in you and your brand.


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