It's no secret that the summer months are often a challenging time for online stores. Customers spend more time outdoors, go on vacation, and many don't want to spend a lot before Black Friday - sales drop. A problem at first glance, but this is exactly where a great opportunity lies! The summer lull is the calm before the Q4 storm, and therefore the perfect time to make the necessary preparations.

Capture the summer feeling

Summer, sun, seasonal! Even though the e-commerce market experiences a low in summer, seasonal products can score very highly. Everything from swimming costumes to summer hats and everything in between is in high demand. But it's not just the fashion industry that can benefit. Non-seasonal products can also be sold with the right marketing in summer. Think about how your product could be used in summer: Perhaps a gadget for holidays? Something against the heat? And don't forget - school is starting again soon! Capture the good mood and use bright colours in your imagery. That way, nothing stands in the way of summer sales.



Heat up the shelf warmers

The summer lull is a good time to take a closer look at your sales data. Which products have sold well? Do you still have unpopular products in stock? So-called shelf warmers (slow sellers) take up valuable space that should be reserved for your top sellers, and therefore money. Have a summer sale and create space for your top products.



Identify problems

Logistics data should not be neglected either - identify potential problem areas and take the opportunity to optimise your logistics for the coming seasonal peak. Was the last Q4 sale pure chaos? Then maybe it's time to think about changing your service provider. There is still time to optimise your fulfilment. Our logistics experts will be happy to help you with matchmaking.


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The summer lull in e-commerce can be a challenging time, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to prepare for the next peak season. Through effective marketing, optimised logistics and careful planning, you can not only successfully navigate the summer months, but also set the stage for a successful fourth quarter. Use the summer period to refine your strategy and delight your customers with a first-class shopping experience.

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