Your benefits with the WH1 customer portal

Manage orders and returns just like the big players

Stop losing time with customer requests

Avoid up to 80% of the most common customer requests thanks to complete transparency.

Boost customer satisfaction

Turn shoppers into core customers thanks to higher retention rates enabled by full support along the way.

Get rid of spreadsheets and manual work

Have all your orders and returns centralized in a user-friendly interface. Bye bye, spreadsheet chaos!

Optimize every step of the order process

From order edit to refunds – our App has got you covered

Editing and cancelling orders

Are you sick of handling order changes and cancellations manually? Simply let your customers do it via our portal.

Tracking orders

There is a secret to less customer service requests: we provide your customers with the tracking information they need.

Returning items

Returns can be easily handled by your customers via our portal. No need for complicated paper work anymore!

Asking for a refund

Simplify your refund process by automating it. Your customers will be happy to not have to wait for weeks to get their money!

This is the WH1 Customer Portal

Developed to make life easier for you and your customers

Your customers will love these features

- Personalized interface with your brand's design
- Simple access via order number and zip code
- Order and returns tracking
- Order and address changes
- Easy and clear return process

Available for your shop system

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Integrated with your most important shipping provider


... and more are coming!

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What is the Warehousing1 customer portal?
Our customer portal offers a convenient self-service experience for your end customers. It can improve customer experience and reduce demands on your customer service through fully automated returns management and self-service options. The WH1 customer portal comes with a branded user interface and offers an easy login for customers.
What features does the Warehousing1 customer portal offer?
The WH1 customer portal offers a personalized and branded interface, allowing customers to login using just their order number and zip code. After logging in, the portal empowers customers with a holistic order and return tracking, order and address change options and an easy and clear return process.
How does my business benefit from using the Warehousing1 customer portal?
The Warehousing1 customer portal offers benefits like improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Customers can track orders, edit or cancel them, and manage returns without needing to contact customer service. The portal replaces spreadsheets and enables fully automated returns management. With these functions, it can help streamline your business and enhance customer satisfaction.
What is the pricing model of the Warehousing1 customer portal?
Warehousing1 offers its customer portal in various pricing tiers that are determined by factors like company size and monthly order volume. Please contact your account manager at Warehousing1 to find out more or schedule a free consultation for more information on the pricing model.
Do I have to be a Warehousing1+ customer to have access to the customer portal?
No, the customer portal is a separate service that is available to everyone, regardless of whether they are a Warehousing1+ customer or not.

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