Your benefits with WH1+
Fulfillment has never been so easy and reliable

Seamless integration

Your shopsystem is connected easily, quickly and free of charge

Customized dashboard

Stay up to date with real-time analysis of individual KPIs

Delivery in 1-2 working days

Late cut-off times and pick-up several times a day enable next-day delivery

Scalable fulfillment centers

Always the ideal location for you with ample logistics capacity for your growth

Highest flexibility

No risk for you, without long contract term and with flexible termination

Transparent pricing

Transparent pricing, without setup fees – flexibly adapted to your needs

Efficient fulfillment setup
Start your fulfillment in a few steps

Shopsystem connection

We connect your online store
to our system in just a few steps

Goods receipt

Your goods are delivered,
stored and entered into
the system

Start of fulfillment

Your orders will be processed
and shipped with our shipping

Increase customer satisfaction

Fast delivery and flawless
picking keep your customers

Your online store connection and dashboard
Everything in view thanks to real-time data


What is Warehousing1+?
WH1+ is a cloud-based software solution that takes care of the transfer of fulfillment data between your online store and a logistics provider's warehouse management systems (WMS). Our WH1+ premium solution offers easy inventory management, real-time data, end-to-end tracking, bundle creation, automation and more. It can help improve your business, increase customer satisfaction and save time, money and stress through advanced analytics and reporting.
Which companies benefit from Warehousing1+?
WH1+ is suitable for a wide range of companies, from small and medium-sized startups to large enterprise companies. Basically, WH1+ is interesting for all companies that require services such as warehousing, inventory management, order processing, shipping and returns.
What functions does Warehousing1+ offer?
WH1+ simplifies communication and data exchange between your online store and the warehouse management system (WMS) of a logistics service provider and enables centralized processing of all data. The WH1+ dashboard enables the processing and cancellation of orders, facilitates the management of returns, and enables the monitoring of current inventories and orders.
What is the pricing model of Warehousing1+?
Warehousing1 offers its SaaS solution in various pricing tiers that are determined by factors like company size and monthly order volume. Please contact your account manager at Warehousing1 to find out more or schedule a free consultation for more information on the pricing model.
How does the integration between my online store and Warehousing1+ work?
WH1+ offers an open and easy integration via an application programming interface (API) and can connect with most popular shop and ERP systems. That means that you don't need any prior technical knowledge to enable integration with your online store. This makes it easy for businesses to integrate their existing systems with WH1+, streamlining their operations and improving efficiency.
What data can I view via the Warehousing1+ dashboard?
The customizable dashboard provides a detailed overview of current stock levels, order status of all shipments, most ordered items, all returns and their reasons for return, top sellers and low performers and much more.

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