Running an online store is expensive - without question. In our last blog article, we looked at ways to reduce your material costs in logistics, this week it's the turn of personnel costs. Don't worry: we don't want you to make your employees redundant - in this blog article, we look at two strategies for reducing your personnel costs without making any redundancies.

More efficiency thanks to smart tools


One of the most effective ways to reduce personnel costs is to increase the efficiency of your employees. Tools play a crucial role here, as they can not only create transparency, but also provide helpful data to optimize work processes. 


By using project management software, time and resource tracking tools and CRM systems, you can increase the productivity of your employees and make work processes more efficient at the same time. By focusing on automation and digitalization, you can automate repetitive tasks and save working time without compromising quality.


Outsourcing your logistics


Another approach to reducing personnel costs is to outsource logistics and concentrate on your core business. By working with external logistics service providers, you can not only save time and resources, but also benefit from their expertise and infrastructure.




To reduce your personnel costs, it is therefore worth using tools that simplify your processes and provide helpful data to further optimize your business. Outsourcing your logistics allows you to concentrate on your core business, saving not only time but also money.


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