This is WH1

Warehousing1 is a LogTech startup based in Berlin. Our goal is to improve the fulfillment experience for ecommerce brands.

Our Story

The foundation for Warehousing1 was laid in 2018 in a tiny studio apartment in Munich. The idea was simple: to finally truly digitalize the logistics behind e-commerce processes and make fulfillment more flexible for brands. What sounds like a modest beginning quickly picked up momentum. With strong investors behind them, the three founders Nico Szeli, Nils Aschmann, and Fabian Sedlmayr moved the young company to the startup metropolis of Berlin. The steadily growing team was quickly able to convince the first companies of our offer.

Today, we at Warehousing1 provide more than 500 e-commerce customers with comprehensive fulfillment services via an international network of first-class logistics locations. To improve the digital management of logistics projects, we invest in our technology. Behind our success story is a young, motivated team that works every day to make our product better and our customers happier.


Our Values

Focus on Impact

Impact is at the heart of our decision making as a business.

Progress over Perfection

Mistakes are inevitable, but we aim to never make the same mistake twice.

Become an Expert

We commit to becoming experts in what we do, so others don’t have to.

Meet at Eye Level

No matter who we meet, we always meet them at eye level.

We are (Warehousing)1

We are one. We win as a team and we lose as a team.

Backed by strong investors

Join the Team

Work with us on our vision

We are growing quickly and are always looking for new colleagues to join us in shaping the future of Warehousing1. Our teams communicate on eye level, enjoy their work, and are taking leaps together.

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