How it started

No artificial additives, no flavor enhancers, no artificial flavors. With this simple but strict principle, the sauce specialist Gepp’s has made a name for itself. Since 2012, the fine foods company founded by Alexander and Roja Gepp has been offering high-quality sauces, vinegars, oils and much more. The company sells its products through its own retail locations, its own online shop and marketplaces such as Amazon. After order volumes outgrew the in-house capacity for Amazon fulfillment (Fulfillment By Merchant – FBM), Gepp’s decided to look for an external logistics partner – and found one in Warehousing1.

The challenge

Gepp’s business with delicious sauces has been growing steadily for years. The company is also selling more and more products online through its Amazon store. Gepp’s initially handled the shipping of these goods itself for a long time. This worked until the business became too big to reliably handle the logistics in-house. After switching to an initial external provider, there was a high error rate with Amazon orders. To offer his customers a better sales experience, CEO Dr. Alexander Gepp was looking for a strong logistics partner that could keep up with future growth and easily meet Amazon’s strict specifications. In addition, the new partner needed to be straightforward and communicate openly and honestly.

The solution

Gepp’s found a reliable and trustworthy partner for its Amazon logistics in Warehousing1. Today, over 150,000 annual Amazon orders are fulfilled by Warehousing1 with an error rate close to zero. Alexander Gepp describes the communication with his logistics partner as forthcoming. Most inquiries are answered within a very short time. Thanks to the cooperation with Warehousing1, the 10- and 30-day delay rate could be kept at 0 %.

The logistics setup provided by Warehousing1 has already passed the first endurance tests. On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, a particularly large number of orders are usually received – also via Amazon. With such a flood of orders, things in the warehouse can get hectic. Gepp’s new fulfillment partner handled all orders flawlessly and met the agreed shipping times. By working with Warehousing1, Gepp’s made its Amazon logistics future-proof and scalable, setting it up to handle further growth smoothly and without errors. Since May 2023, the company has also been selling on Amazon under Prime Badge.

The result

  • Fulfillment error rate reduced to virtually 0 %.
  • Scalable solution that handles 150,000 orders annually – without compromising quality
  • 10- and 30-day delay rates at 0 % each
  • Now sells with Prime badge

In Warehousing1 we have found a partner that communicates openly and honestly with us and completely understands the needs of our Amazon business. We don’t have to worry about logistics as we continue to grow. I have since recommended Warehousing1 to several entrepreneurs in my network.

Dr. Alexander Gepp,
Founder and CEO of Gepp’s

About Gepp’s

Gepp’s has been producing sauces, oils and other fine food products since 2012. The brand stands for excellent ingredients and creative variations that are continuously being expanded. Gepp’s now sells its creations in 24 of its own retail locations throughout Germany, its own online shop and via marketplaces such as Amazon.

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