General information

Warehousing1 is the central platform for finding storage space and logistics services almost everywhere, managing them digitally and optimizing them continuously.

Solutions in contract logistics, eCommerce fulfillment or temporary storage can be implemented individually via a broad network of logistics centers and service providers. This gives customers maximum flexibility with a personal and individual service.
>br> As a partner in our network, logistics service providers can offer unutilized capacities and our team takes care of the rest.

Thanks to our large network of partners we are able to serve inquiries of any kind all over Germany. In addition, we have access to logistics locations in other European countries through our partners. Please feel free to contact us to know more about this.

Warehousing1 is the right contact for all companies that want to set up their warehouse and distribution logistics more efficiently and cost-effectively. Through our network of partners we are able to implement requests of all kinds throughout Germany and also in other European countries.

In principle, any logistics service provider who wants to use unutilized capacities and acquire additional new customers can be considered as a partner.

You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 8.30 - 19.30 under the number
+49 (0) 30 6293898-0 or by mail under [email protected].

For customers

request form. Otherwise, you are also welcome to contact us via Mail or by phone at +49 (0) 30 6293898-0.

You will then be assigned a personal contact person who will discuss the further details of your project with you and work out an optimal scenario for implementation.

We try to identify the best possible solution via our broad network of partners and, in case of doubt, even make you several offers to ensure efficient and cost-effective processing.

Our team will continue to be at your side for contract negotiations, implementation and beyond.

With Warehousing1 you finally have a central channel through which you can very easily find storage space and logistics services.
Your personal contact person will support you throughout the whole process in order to be able to implement the optimal solution at the best price.
Everything can then be easily managed via our portal and the implementation is completely flexible. Additional capacity can therefore be provided at various locations at any time, which is billed exactly according to use.
No cost risk and maximum scalability.

We are able to cover all services around warehouse logistics and thus implement even complex projects, e.g. in the area of contract logistics. Furthermore we can offer highly efficient eCommerce fulfillment at various locations throughout Germany. Should you ever experience capacity bottlenecks in your own warehouses or with existing logistics partners, we can help you implement flexible options for interim storage.

There are no additional costs for you, as you only pay for the logistics services you use. We finance ourselves from our network of partners.

Here too, individual requirements can be taken into account according to the project. It is possible to conclude a contract with us or directly with our partners, depending on what makes more sense in your specific case.

For partners

If you are interested in cooperating with us, you can use our registration form to provide some basic information about your company. We will then contact you in order to check together whether the requirements for our logistics partners are met and whether a cooperation according to our model is relevant for you. If both are suitable, we will be happy to prepare an agreement which will serve as a framework for future cooperation. Once this is signed, we can also contact you directly with the first customer enquiries. You can then decide individually whether you are interested in the project and whether you are able to implement it. If this is the case we will jointly prepare a suitable offer, which we will then submit to the client. In this way you can win exciting new customers, make full use of your capacities and generate additional sales!.

As a logistics service provider there is no reason not to become a partner of Warehousing1. We act as your strategic partner and as a risk-free distribution channel. This saves you time and money, while optimizing your occupancy rate and generating new revenue. There are no fixed costs such as registration fees or listing fees. We only receive payments when you earn cash through us. So all you can do is win!

We cover the entire spectrum of warehouse logistics. From simple interim storage to complex contract logistics projects or eCommerce fulfillment, our customers have very diverse requirements. Together we agree on which projects are best suited for you and contact you exclusively with a corresponding inquiry profile.

Here too, individual requirements can be taken into account according to the project. It is possible to conclude a contract with us or directly with the final customer, depending on what makes more sense in your specific case.

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