Making warehouse and distribution logistics sustainable and leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint

Sustainability in logistics is an already emerging future trend that will effectively change the industry. The need for transformative sustainability is more necessary than ever before. Therefore the demands for environmentally friendly alternatives are becoming more and more pressing. Warehousing1 is already focusing on sustainability today in order to take a pioneering role in the industry as a young company. This is already proven by our business model, which allows us to reduce transport distances and thus save a considerable amount of CO2 emissions.


Our contribution to more sustainability

100% CO2 compensation

Warehousing1 offset 100% of the emissions that occur through our business.

Sustainability in the office

We think and act environmentally friendly so that resources in the office are not wasted unnecessarily.

Certifications & Memberships

Warehousing1 is an active member of the German Federal Association for Sustainability and is certified according to ISO14001 (environmental management).

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