Our independent network of over 750locations in Europe and the US is already used by more than 350 customers across all industry sectors for flexible and scalable solutions in the areas of storage, contract logistics, distribution and eCommerce fulfillment.


Our customers


Variable network

Benefit from our network of over 750 locations with a variety of specializations.

Flexible costs

Always use only the capacity you need and never pay more than what you actually use.

Central administration

Manage and overlook your stocks and goods movements easily across all locations.


Flexible warehouse logistics

Whether procurement logistics, production logistics or distribution - we support everything from short-term interim storage to complex contract logistics solutions.

Scalable fulfillment

Take advantage of our versatile and efficient fulfillment network and never worry about shipping logistics to your customers.


Central WH1 platform

Warehousing1 supports the connection of all common ERP systems, shop solutions and marketplaces and can even implement individual requirements without any problems. In addition, customers receive cloud-based access to the WH1 platform, which provides an overview and analysis of the flow of goods, inventories, costs and further important key figures.

In this region, Warehousing1 can offer solutions in the field of warehouse logistics, fulfillment and transportation.

Europe-wide presence

All over Germany and beyond

Thanks to our network of over 750 logistics centers, we offer unparalleled geographical coverage and always provide you with the ideal location.


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