Why choosing the right fulfillment service provider is important

Generally speaking, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fulfillment service providers. Different providers are suitable for different customers and projects. A comparison is therefore essential to find the right fulfillment partner.

Differences between service providers can be found in pricing, additional services offered and service quality. It is also important whether the fulfillment provider can demonstrate relevant industry experience.

The common process for finding a fulfillment service provider

Many retailers who operate an online store ask themselves the question: How do I find the right fulfillment service provider? 2-8 weeks until the first offer, at least 5 working days for research and phone calls, subsequent time-consuming visits and comparative analyses - the process of finding the right fulfillment provider is time-consuming. We have summarized all the steps for finding a suitable service provider for you here.

1. Make a list of all the service providers in question
2. Research their trustworthiness and quality

5. Wait for concrete offers and compare
6. Request and negotiate final contract


Negotiate contract

First contact and request for quotation

Initiating the project

3. Contact selected service providers individually
4. Phone calls to clarify details

7. Establish the IT connection to the warehouse logistics provider
8. Have the goods delivered and put into storage

What are the problems and challenges of traditional search?

Inefficient communication

Many logistics companies are not yet embracing digital solutions and handle much of their communication over the phone. Their online presence often leaves a lot to be desired as well, which is why it is time-consuming to find out which fulfillment services the service provider offers.

Impossible price comparisons

Since the logistics industry in Germany is extremely decentralized and each logistics service provider operates individually, there are strong price differences. However, prices are difficult to see and must be requested individually. A price comparison is therefore associated with a lot of effort and research

Fluctuating service quality

The quality of the service can vary from provider to provider. In addition, there are many black sheep in the logistics industry. To be sure that you can trust your fulfillment provider, you should refer to customer reviews, but these are usually difficult or impossible to view.

Warehousing1 can help you compare fulfillment providers. Send us your inquiry now and get feedback within 24 hours.

What are the advantages of searching via Warehousing1?

Great time savings - no additional costs

Warehousing1 efficiently supports you in finding the right fulfillment provider and thus helps you save time and costs. At the same time, your company will not incur any additional costs, as we are financed exclusively through our partner network.

Always the best offer

Through our network of over 1,000 warehouse locations and 82 designated fulfillment providers, we are able to compare prices across Germany and Europe for you and find the best offer for your project.

Verified partners

Warehousing1 works exclusively with selected partners, whom we evaluate using our WH1 Quality Score ©. For this purpose, 76 data points are currently recorded, regularly updated and compared with each other.

Efficient and digital communication

Our goal is to make communication from the inquiry to the start of the project as efficient as possible to save you time and effort. This is achieved through the digitalization of processes and our central digital portal.

Warehousing1 can help you compare fulfillment providers. Send us your inquiry now and get feedback within 24 hours.

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