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About OpenCart

General information

OpenCart was introduced to the market in 1999 by Christopher G. Mann, only to find little demand at first. In 2005, Daniel Kerr took up the project for a second time and published it as a stable release in 2009. OpenCart is now a popular store solution and the system is constantly being improved by a very active community.


What functionalities does OpenCart offer?
OpenCart offers, among other features, an unlimited number of products and categories, 36 integrated payment methods, SEO functions, the ability to use discounts and coupons, as well as many different languages and currencies.
How do I connect OpenCart to a WMS/LVS?
OpenCart has a WMS app which has been developed by Webkul. Furthermore, there is a connection option to Billbee. With Warehousing1, you can even establish an interface to all other common warehouse management systems.
How much does OpenCart cost?
OpenCart is an open source store system and therefore free of charge. However, costs for hosting, as well as for any paid extensions must be taken into calculation.
Is OpenCart the right store system for you?
OpenCart is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized online stores and, due to the free version, as well as the free modulation capability, it is especially popular with eCommerce newcomers.
Who provides fulfillment with OpenCart in Germany and Europe?
There are several service providers in Germany that can do fulfillment for an OpenCart online store. To find the suitable offer, simply contact Warehousing1 without obligation.

Interface with Warehousing1+

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Warehousing1 can integrate your OpenCart online store within just five business days, thus ensuring a quick start to fulfillment.

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Monitor the entire fulfillment process through your customized dashboard: from goods receipt, to order processing status, to returns management.

Your advantages with WH1+

Fulfillment has never been so easy and reliable

Seamless connection

Your shop system is connected easily and quickly

Customized dashboard

Stay up to date with real-time analysis of individual KPIs

Delivery in 1-2 working days

Late cut-off times and pick-up several times a day enable next-day delivery

Scalable fulfillment centers

Always the ideal location for you with ample logistics capacity for your growth

Highest flexibility

No risk for you, without long contract term and with flexible termination

Transparent pricing

Transparent pricing scales, flexibly adapted to your needs

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