• With Warehousing1's new service "WH1+", fulfillment projects can be implemented even more efficiently and flexibly in the future. 
  • All value-added services can be covered in state-of-the-art fulfillment centers. Late cut-off times as well as modern technologies and warehouse robotics enable parcel delivery on the next working day.
  • The interface between store system and warehouse management system can be established within a few hours. Thus, the fulfillment process is digitalized in its entirety and can be followed by the customer via an interactive dashboard.
  • Furthermore, Warehousing1 offers a cashback guarantee if customers are not 100% satisfied with the service. 


Berlin, May 5th, 2021 - Against the backdrop that warehousing on demand in eCommerce is particularly booming in pandemic times, Warehousing1 is now launching a new service for fulfillment. With the premium service WH1+, customized offers are created for each customer project, which are ultimately processed in modern fulfillment centers via Warehousing1.


Philipp Tessmann, der als Sr. Partner Manager den Launch mitbegleitet hat, erklärt das Modell folgendermaßen: “Mit WH1+ ermöglichen wir unseren Kunden mehr Flexibilität und Transparenz in ihrem Fulfillment. Mit bequemer Shopsystemanbindung innerhalb kürzester Zeit und dem interaktiven Dashboard können sie in Echtzeit auf ihre Daten zugreifen und flexibel skalieren. Wir sind von der Qualität unserer Lösung so überzeugt, dass wir Kunden eine Cashback-Garantie anbieten.”


By processing in state-of-the-art fulfillment centers, numerous value-added additional services can be covered as part of the fulfillment process: Individual product labeling, embossing, digital printing, production of flyers or other sales materials, and the placement of sales displays can be implemented without any problems. 

A fully automated storage system guarantees the highest safety standards through automatic video recording of the picking phase as well as an error rate close to 0. By means of an on-demand system extension, easy scalability is provided; continuous inventory takes place in real time.


"The launch of WH1+ is another milestone in Warehousing1's company history," Fabian Sedlmayr, co-founder and CEO, also believes. "The business model enables our customers to finally bring their logistics into the 21st century. For each inquiry, our account managers create a customized offer that is tailored to the respective customer profile. If a customer is still not 100% satisfied after project completion, our cashback guarantee kicks in and we enable a free switch to another provider from our network. The Corona crisis has once again shown how important digitization and flexibility have become in the modern supply chain. Customers can finally set up their logistics to be as digital and flexible as their own company thanks to Warehousing on demand!"



About Warehousing1

Warehousing1 is Europe's leading warehousing and fulfillment network. Companies can use the innovative platform to find suitable warehouse logistics solutions at any location, manage them digitally and optimize processes efficiently. Through a broad network of first-class warehousing and fulfillment locations, Warehousing1 offers flexible and scalable eCom fulfillment & warehousing solutions. The startup has already won numerous companies as customers as well as the support of renowned investors.




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