Under the motto #StayHome and with a heavy heart, we left our Warehousing1-Office in Kreuzberg on March 13th to start a new adventure together: Home Office.

Despite some initial doubts, it is going well. It is even going very well! The productivity is great, the team spirit is maintained, communication is working very well and we are having fun.

We thought why not give you a little insight into how we home office, so here is a report which is showing a typical day in the Warehousing1 working life right now. It is written by Kima, our new Marketing intern, who had to cope with Home Office since the very beginning.

My alarm clock goes off. Coffee, breakfast and working clothes. Keeping up the daily routine is essential for me during home office. It really helps me go into my “work-mode” and therefore having a productive start in the day.

I followed the advice from our founders: the right setup is everything. That’s why I am now sitting at my well-lighted desk in front of the window with nothing but my laptop, notebook and pen on it. And of course my coffee, what would I do without him?

Number 1 Rule when doing home office: Having less stuff lying around helps you concentrate and enhance productivity.

First meeting of the day : our daily all-hands call. First of all some news from the three founders, then everyone has to present their daily goals. I prepared my goallist the day before after finishing work in the evening.

The call is over and I am super motivated to really start my day! First of all I will do my routine tasks in analytical marketing that don’t take too much time. 

It’s time for the Marketing Team Call. I’m giving some details on today's goals and clarify the points where I might need help or more information. I also write them in our Team Chat: having it written down somewhere helps to not lose track of where we stand right now.

The first big task from my tasklist is being tackled: a new article for our blog. Brainstorm, outline, writing, feedback, translation, posting… will take me some time today!

“Bing” - new message in the “Random”-Chat. Someone sent a photo of a guy in his shower, holding on to the curtain rod - it’s saying “Experts recommend sticking to your daily routine even when working from home.” Little LOL. Feels good to know that the whole team is in this together.

Time for lunch! If I am in the mood to socialize I meet the others in the virtual office, a hangouts meet that is open all day long. Today I feel like I need some time off and I still have a lot of work to do, so I eat alone. It’s great to be able to choose your lunch-mode.


“Bing” - new message from Fabian, our CMO: “Is everything fine? Can I help you with anything or do you have any questions?”. He knows that I don't, otherwise I would have asked him. But it’s part of the WH1 Home Office-strategy : over-communication and over-documentation. Really helps to keep everyone updated and to not lose track.

I start working on a new task from my tasklist - it’s good to not work on the same thing all day long. Otherwise your concentration will go down and you are less productive. That’s why I am now switching to our Google Ads Account for some SEA and SEO tasks.


“Bing” - new message in our “Berlin all”-chat : “Is someone up for a coffee in the virtual office?”. Coffee, cigarette and smalltalk during this 10-minute-break on my balcony. I’m happy that my integration in the team is going so well despite the fact that my internship started just before remote working. These informal occasions to talk are clearly taking part in it.

Warehousing1 Teammeeting Online


My day is over. I check out in the Google Hangouts Chat and get a new message : “Up for a friday beer in the virtual office? We have to keep the traditions up!” Of course I am. Feels almost like in the office. Almost.
Of course I am. Feels almost like in the office. Almost.