UPDATE: The situation in Alsace is one of the most dramatic in Europe. Together with our great partner Maiortrans, we will therefore extend our Corona Aid Campaign and offer up to 1,000 pallets free storage in Herbolzheim, directly next to the French-German border and close to Straßbourg, Colmar, and Mulhouse. The space will be available to any organization that needs it for Covid-19 aid, until 31.05.2020. Free space will be attributed on a first-request basis. Any other conditions specified below apply.

Warehousing1 Corona Aid Program

We have seen great actions by organizations and companies all around the world that have put amazing things in place in a very short period of time to help all people affected by the crisis. Now we want to contribute to this ourselves.

Therefore, we offer free storage facilities throughout Germany to all organisations that help to solve this crisis. 

Our technology, our network of over 300 partner locations and our expertise can help organisations respond quickly to urgent logistics needs. We want to help you to store products quickly and free of charge.  


Details of the offer

  • Free storage of up to 100 euro pallets (120x80cm) for one month within Germany.
  • The storage must take place by 01.05.2020 at the latest.

For which organisations does the offer apply? 

  • Non-profit organizations that want to store goods related to the management of the Covid-19 crisis 
  • Profit-oriented companies that have a proven track record of carrying out charitable projects in connection with the Covid-19 crisis and need to store goods for this purpose. 

Product categories covered by the above criteria (examples, not exhaustive) 

  • Protective masks
  • Soap
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Medical gloves
  • Medical equipment
  • Long-lasting foods
  • Donations for the needy

Products and services that we cannot subsidize:

  • Organisations or individuals engaged in the profit-making sale of products related to the Covid-19 crisis, in particular those engaged in usury
  • Dispatch, transport and warehouse services

In case of special requirements we cannot guarantee a subsidy, but we will nevertheless check our possibilities. This includes in particular:

  • Products for which a certain storage temperature must be guaranteed
  • Products that are not delivered on Euro pallets
  • Products that are declared as dangerous goods or require special certification
  • Exceptionally high or heavy pallets (>180cm / >1to) and pallets with heavy overhang

All organisations or companies that would like to take advantage of our help are welcome to contact our project contact persons directly by e-mail at any time. Please use the keyword "Corona Aid Program" in the subject line.

Kima, along with our operations team, customers and partners, has gained extensive insight into best practices for business during the Covid-19 crisis. She will be happy to advise you on all topics related to the impact of Covid-19.


[email protected]

Axel is responsible for the Covid-19 task force, which provides solutions within hours for companies that require short-term alternatives due to Covid-19. Thanks to our flexible network, we can usually implement an alternative within 24 hours. For non-profit organizations, storage is completely free of charge.


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