Bei Warehousing1 glauben wir daran, dass unsere Mitarbeitenden ihr volles Potenzial ausschöpfen können. Wir sind stolz darauf, in unserem schnell wachsenden Logistik-Startup Möglichkeiten für persönliches und berufliches Wachstum zu bieten. Diesen Monat freuen wir uns, die Erfolgsgeschichte unserer Kollegin zu erzählen, die diese Möglichkeit genutzt hat und mit Warehousing1 gewachsen ist.
Noemi tells us personally about her development.


Noemi Fuchs, Team Lead People & Culture

Noemi Fuchs, Team Lead People & Culture


Table of contents:

  1. My development at Warehousing1
  2. These are my takeaways
  3. My main learning
  4. A look into the future
  5. Warehousing1 as an employer

My development at Warehousing1

In which position did you start and how did your career develop at Warehousing1?

"I started at Warehousing1 in 2021 as People & Talent Manager. I communicated early on that I wanted to develop further and, after a stint as Senior People & Talent Manager, I was promoted to Team Lead in January 2023."

These are my takeaways

What could you take with you on this journey?

"The development itself was very intense, with some ups and downs, and I learned a lot along the way - patience plays a very important role. Development needs and is allowed to take time and needs to be proactively driven. Through my studies in clinical psychology, I learned early on that part of expertise is knowing when it ends. This realisation has helped me a lot, especially in my career so far: You don't have to be omniscient, and you can't be. Back then, as the only People & Talent Manager, I did a lot on my own in the beginning and thus had a full overview of the issues. As the team grew, I learned how important it is to be able to relinquish control and distribute tasks sensibly. At the same time, I learned that I should not project the expectations I have of myself onto the team. Overall, my development, as well as the development and growth of the HR team, has shown me how valuable teamwork is, how much more you can achieve as a team and we have achieved together."

My main learning

Which learning has stuck with you the most?

"What an influence an authentic and positive company culture, proactively driven by a harmonious and well-functioning HR team, has on the success of a company. And at the same time, what a positive influence it all has on one's own well-being and motivation."

A look into the future

What are your wishes for the future at Warehousing?

"That our corporate culture continues to develop in such a positive, open and authentic way and that we can continue to accompany our employees in their careers for a long time.

Warehousing1 as an employer

Why would you recommend Warehousing1 as an employer?

"Warehousing1 offers room for development. We not only have a high level of team cohesion, but also exciting projects and areas of responsibility that offer many development opportunities due to the high level of personal responsibility. I find it particularly valuable that Warehousing1 takes into account the individual development wishes of the employees and that one is strongly supported in this development. You are part of an exciting success story, so to speak, in which you yourself grow with the company."

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