How it started

With high-quality equipment and stylish active wear, GORNATION supplies sports fans all over the world. More precisely, the calisthenics community – which specializes in bodyweight exercises. In order to equip the more than 42,000 customers to date, the company has special requirements for its logistics provider. After a few bad experiences, GORNATION decided to look for a better provider – and found Warehousing1.

The challenge

GORNATION has fans around the globe, which is why 70 percent of its orders are sent abroad. Before the brand decided to use Warehousing1, they had significant issues with the shipping process. Because goods were not scanned during picking, GORNATION experienced a high error rate. The service provider also failed to provide smooth international shipping. Goods failed to clear customs due to formalities and were returned. This was a serious mistake because GORNATION’s customer base is young and has high expectations regarding delivery. At the same time, the last logistics provider proved to be extremely slow to communicate – every query took weeks to resolve. GORNATION was ready for a change.

The solution

GORNATION opted for the premium solution WH1+ and experienced Warehousing1 as an authentic and approachable partner. Just over two weeks after the initial contact, the project was able to migrate to the new fulfillment facility. GORNATION’s benchmark is that parcels are shipped less than 24 hours after receipt of order – a goal that WH1+ achieves. At the same time, the error rate has been drastically reduced so that even the many international shipments arrive without issues. The switch has also enabled the company to reduce costs by around 20 percent. As a young brand, GORNATION continues to experience strong growth, which is now backed by a future-proof and scalable fulfillment solution.

The result

  • Reduction of fulfillment costs by 20 percent
  • Standard shipping time under 24 hours
  • Reliable national and international shipping
  • Risk-free solution through WH1+ satisfaction guarantee

In Warehousing1, we have found a provider that absolutely communicates with us at eye level and completely understands our needs as an e-commerce brand. After the bad experiences we had in the past, the satisfaction guarantee that WH1+ offers was an aspect that created additional trust. I have since recommended Warehousing1 to several entrepreneurs in my network.

Philipp Hülsdonk, Founder and CEO of GORNATION


Since 2015, GORNATION has been improving the workout experience for athletes all over the world with high-quality clothing and first-class equipment. The company specializes in calisthenics and street workouts which use bodyweight exercises. To date, GORNATION has helped over 42,000 happy customers reach their highest potential.

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